Presentacion del Embajador en Londres

LONDON.- On Thursday 11th of May 2017, hosted a briefing breakfast meeting with H.E. Ambassador Julián Ventura to welcome him to the United Kingdom and discuss the status of Mexican and UK Businesses, challenges opportunities and activities that the  is undertaking in the interest and for the benefit.

In particular:

• Representing the interest of its members before government agencies and other business organisations in the United Kingdom

• Connecting Mexican businesses with UK counterparts and create bridges and developing long term business relationships for its members,

• Facilitating and distributing information in Mexico and the UK, identifying challenges and business opportunities in Mexico and the UK.

• Raising Mexico’s profile and awareness of the dynamic economy, structural reforms and business opportunities.​

H.E. Ambassador Ventura, shared his views on the current state of affairs, the numerous developments in the world, Mexico and the UK and on the challenges for businesses as well as the unique opportunity to bring the commercial relationship to the next level considering all this circumstances.

- Volver